Why Met?

With every project, Met explores how cutting-edge design and effective marketing messaging work together helping to build brand equity with customers. Our goal is to make long lasting brand impressions to connect local businesses with the right customers, clients, and leads. Met Creative Group LLC is led by Tara Davis — a DC-based brand strategist, designer and artist well-known for a clean and inviting design aesthetic shaped by process and precision.

Why Met Infographic

“With over 15 years’ experience in brand marketing, my portfolio of work reflects the planning and implementation of unique creative strategies used to make memorable impressions on targeted audiences. I lead creative teams to manage long-term audience expectations through streamlined communication systems that are shaped by compelling content — and then delivered strategically.

My creative approach is rooted in a deep understanding of design principles, consumer behavior, and market trends. I am passionate about merging artistry with strategy to create experiences that resonate with audiences on both emotional and functional levels.

At Met Creative Group, I serve as the Executive Creative Director and oversee the development of groundbreaking communication campaigns that captivate audiences, elevate brand presence, and build customer loyalty. I have spearheaded the design strategy for multi-million-dollar communication campaigns such as AARP’s annual Black Friday that increased membership enrollments by 25%.

Before devoting my work full time to Met Creative Group, I served as Director of Creative Services at an award-winning commercial real estate firm whose clients include X (formerly Twitter), Enterprise, Sharp Electronics, Liberty Mutual, and Skype.”

—Tara Davis, MID, CEO, Founder, Creative Director


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